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Whitehorn Web Design
For Artists. Small businesses & Individuals

For us to create your website, I need a lot of information, and you have a lot to think about:

What is the focus of your site?
What is the purpose of your site?
What colors (or pattern) do you want for your backgrounds? For text? Do you have a logo? What color is it?
How many pages do you reasonably anticipate? (Pages do NOT go on forever - they should contain about what you could reasonably put on 1 ½ to 2 sheets of standard sized paper).

You will need a Home page, the introduction to your site,
     a page about what you are doing, what the site is about,
     pages describing your product(s) or service(s),
     pages displaying your product or other pertinent photos,
     perhaps a page about you/your business,
     a page with your contact information,
     if you are selling a product, a printable order page
for mail orders,
     a secure order page for on-line orders if you accept credit cards,

How many pictures do you anticipate?
Do you sell a product?
Do you need to accept bankcards?
Can you (or do you have someone who will) write your text?
Can you provide me your text on a CD or 3.5 floppy as a .txt file, or as an email attachment as a .txt file?

If you send me text using a word program, I have to strip out all the formatting, and that takes extra time. If you send me typewritten pages that I have to re-type into the computer, be warned: I do not type fast and I will charge by the hour for it.
Will you provide photos on a CD? on a floppy? as photo prints? as slides?
Prints from digital cameras do NOT scan well. You can email me digital pictures, but there are some size constraints with that.

Do you realize that you will not have the public pounding down your door simply because you have a website? You must be (or have someone who is) willing to promote your site. I am a designer, not a marketing expert.

Because I will be submitting your site to Google and other search engines, think of the keywords that someone might use to try to find you.

Please print out the page HERE and go over it.

And then contact me!!

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