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Whitehorn Web Design
For Artists. Small businesses & Individuals

If you are an artist, a craftsperson, own a small business or offer a service, having your own website gives you credibility and marks you as a serious professional.

THE INTERNET is rapidly becoming the "shopping center" of choice for unusual or hard-to-find merchandise and services, particularly for those living rurally or in small towns. It is certainly easier and more cost effective to locate most products on the Net than it is to spend hours in store after store looking for exactly the right thing.

A WEBSITE gives customers the opportunity to browse your products or services whenever they choose, and you can reach new customers who would not otherwise know about you.

IF YOU ARE AN ARTIST OR CRAFTSPERSON it means your customers can view your creations outside of your usual venues and allows persons who have heard about you but never seen your wares to view what you do.

YOUR DISPLAY stays current. Updating your web pages is far less costly and much faster than publishing a new catalog.

IF YOU SHOW at arts shows or festivals, your website allows customers to check your schedule so they can know where in their area you might be showing, to discuss in person a special piece or custom order.

IF YOU ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS and receive email, impulse buyers can indulge their desires immediately and safely, on-line through a Secure Server Form.

EVEN IF YOU DON'T have on-line services, you can still receive orders from your site. All sites have a printable Mail Order Form, giving your customer the option of filling it in and mailing it to your postal address. This form is set up for checks, money orders, and credit cards. And you can choose to have your phone number on your site to give your customers that additional option.

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