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Whitehorn Web Design
For Artists. Small businesses & Individuals

YOU Don't Have to Learn HTML - or anything else. You can have a well-designed professional appearance for your site without having to buy or learn to use expensive web-graphics and web-design software, so you are free to do what you do best.

Visual Quality - Your site will be visually pleasing with non-intrusive backgrounds, attractive graphics, clear and easy-to-read typefaces, and no moving flashing animated .gifs (those little animated pictures that are cute once and maddening the third time around) unless you REALLY want them. (Of course if your business is selling animated .gif files, you get them.)

Design Quality - Whitehorn Web Design creates sites that are fast-loading, efficient, and work for you and your customers.

Your Site is Uniquely Yours - no templates or clipart are used. All layout, graphics and backgrounds are designed by Whitehorn for your individual site.

Custom Designed Graphics - Your site's graphics (backgrounds, titles, buttons, etc.) are designed to enhance your product, not to compete with it.

Easy and Clear Site Navigation - Your customers will be able to easily find any part of your site without confusion or frustration.

NO Banner Ads On Your Site! - "Free" sites barrage you with banner ads. Because you are paying for web space, even though it may be as little as $5/month, you have banished the Banner Ads from your site forever!

Fast Service - Changes needed on your site will normally be made within a few days after receiving the information, and often sooner.

Reasonable Rates - My low prices reflect that I am actively building a customer base. Prices may increase later, but the hourly price you are quoted will be locked in for you.

Low Cost Domain Registration - I can advise you where to register or renew your domain name (or I can do it for you in your name) for a savings of almost 70% over what Network Solutions charges.

Low Cost Web Hosting - Whitehorn Web Design can provide you with low cost web-hosting, with the price dependent on your website needs. Small business sites that do not need a shopping cart do not need to be paying $25 or $30 per month!
I saved one client $300/year on web hosting!

Quality, Quality, Quality! - Look at the sites I have designed. Imagine what I can do for you.

Because Whitehorn Web Design Makes it Easy For You!


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