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What My Clients Say

"I can't begin to tell you how well received my new web site has gotten. The complements are on the design, the ease of navigating and the general overview of the site.  I never thought that it would be so easy to pull it all together.  Communicating with you has kept the site current and meaningful. My web site has enable me to seek out new clients and fellow artists. The exposure has opened avenues to serious buyers and gallery awareness. Again, thank you for your insight of what I wanted and needed.  I hope we work together for a long time. Yours for good art's sake."
— Gloria Spevacek, Sculptor

"My site launched recently and the accolades have been pouring in from visitors effusing over its ease of use and professionalism. They are calling it "fantastic," "glorious," "terrific," and more. Needless to say (but I'll say it anyway), I'm 'way pleased'. Carolyn is a real pleasure to work with — very patient, responsive, and a great sense of humor. I had so much fun I'm ready to do it all over again!"
— Sheryl Kaplan, Grants Consultant

"Fabulous artistic designs and award-winning sites. Whitehorn is easy to work with, and understands the artist point of view because she is an exceptional artist herself."
— Jacque Harper and Ruth Bose, Woodcut Prints

", is well made, very attractive, and functions well. Whitehorn is a very careful web-Ms. , and is a pleasure to work with. Design of my pages is excellent, and I am proud to have folks look in on the whole site as they find their way to my work.
— M'lou Brubaker, Jeweler'LouBrubaker

"I am delighted with every aspect of the design of my website."
— Dotty Calabrese, Hand Weaver and Polymer Clay Artist

"We are not very computer literate and Carolyn made our participation in the artists' website possible. She patiently explained what we needed to know and what we needed to do in order to get on the site. It has been a success for us thanks to her. BB"
— Kaylin Kieth, Painter

"Carolyn has been working with me for at least 3 years on updating and improving my website.  She has posted items in a timely manner, come up with good solutions to problems I've had, and has generally been very professional and a pleasure to work with."
— Connie Habash, MA, MFT - Counseling & Psychotherapy, Yoga,

"My clients always remark on the graphics and the ease of using my website. It loads quickly, has beauty, and truly represents my esthetics. Whitehorn is responsive to my needs, makes changes on my site rapidly, and has made invaluable suggestions. I PREDICT... she will go far!"
—Isis Coble, On-line Tarot Reader and Psychic

"As a computer person myself, I really appreciate the speed and the ease with which Carolyn Whitehorn updates and maintains my website. I send her my updates and new information, and she gets it up on my site right away. It is better and easier than doing it myself. I have never found the time to update my own information. With Carolyn as my web designer I just email her my information and voila! it is done. Thanks, Carolyn. Your services are a gift I give myself and I love it."
—Amy Wang, Time After Time Clocks

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